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Summary A text editor component with configurable syntax highlighting
Category libraries
License Apache License
Owner(s) bobtarling



Syntalight is a lightweight control for products that require little more than simple syntax highlighting.

The current version works with Java and XML syntax.

Various flavours of XML will be supported this currently includes XSLT. It is proposed to make this user configurable in future so that users can select their own highlight schemes for different namespaces.

Syntalight is approaching its first release

The main current development work is going into improving performance of the background colouring thread

This requires

  • Highlighting only needs to start from the previously modified token
  • Highlighting can be abandoned once it is determined that colours are already in synch
  • The highlighting thread should run continuously instead of being constantly restarted

Other activities are

  • Make the choice of colours for language elements easily selectable by the user

The Lazer project is used by Syntalight to break the language into its elements.

Syntalight is used by the the giANT and XStream projects

There is a known deadlock issue when pasting in text to replace a selected block. Synchronization will be required to fix this. The first release of this project will be made once the deadlock is fixed and the first release of Lazer is available.